No Rest for the Wicked

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15/8/2018 7:17 am  #1

Ref Announcements and Queries

Hi all,

I have put a bunch of things on Facebook to be reviewed. I will try to put things up on the web page as well, but figured I would put a summary here. 

1 - I would like opinions on whether we try the rolling crewing slots again. This would mean that 2 linears go out together, and you crew one, play one then swap before returning to base.

2 - Downtimes - they are open. I have a form uploaded onto Facebook, but will try and get this put up here. Downtimes close 7/8/18.

3 - Rules review - this will happen after the fourth event. Please can you consider any queries. Again, there is a rules review document on FB and I will try and upload it here. 

4 - There is a S/sheet linked below where I would like ideas for what you want to be able to buy.

Ref Kat


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